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Bild_Frank Vincentz, CC BY-SA 3,0

population: approximately 260 200
area: approximately 2,106 km²

The county Görlitz is the third largest of the ten new counties in Saxony and is the easternmost district of Germany. It includes a total of 22 nature reserves which could not be more different. From the "Königshainer Mountains" to the "Niederspree lake area" invite numerous nature trails to explore. Historical interesting are the "Zittauer Fastentuch" from 1472 or the typical "Oberlausitzer Umgebindehäuser" special types of houses that are distinguished by different construction methods. Culturally, the district Görlitz offers numerous events, such as the street theater festival "Via Thea" or the "Sorbian Osterreiten" as well as countless museums and country parks. Economical the district benefits based on the location mainly of German-Polish-Czech economic relations in the sectors of metal, glass industry and renewable energy. Agriculture is also a strong industry.